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Welcome to our Groupon Guests

Thank you for your interest in Bhakti Wellness and your own health.

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3 Ways to Save Even More:
These daily deals are a great way to try new places and new therapist, which is wonderful.  But, what can be lost is the continuity of care.  At Bhakti we recognize the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of the client/therapist encounter.  It is for this reason we make every effort to make it easy and affordable for you to continue your care with Bhakti.

1) On the day of your first visit you will have the opportunity to purchase a second visit with any Bhakti therapist for the same great Groupon price.

2) And, you will have another opportunity to purchase a third visit at the same price by listening to our radio show The Wake Up Call on Saturday mornings on AM 950.  Just call in, make a facebook comment or twitter us during the show and your set.

3) Additionally, post a review on one or several of the review sites below and you have your fourth visit at the same Groupon price.

That is up to 4 visits at the same discounted price, no more guessing whether or not a daily deal will be good or not, will it be worth it or a waste.  Is the offer really as good as it sounds or is it a bait and switch, an up sell or are they going to try to sell you a years worth of treatments or a membership.  None of that will happen at Bhakti, we start at excellence and integrity and build from there.  We are putting the ‘health’ and ‘care’ back into healthcare.


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The Bhakti Cafe Scrubs

Take a deep breath and your senses are stimulated with the luxurious aroma of coffee.  Lay back and relax as your skin is polished to smooth and creamy perfection.  Using coffee gounds blended with oils such as olive, hazelnut or almond creates a scrub that stimulates your circulation and exfoliates with the added benefits of anti-inflamitory and anti-oxident properties.  You may choose from one of three scrubs:

Cinnamon Hazelnut

Almond Vanilla

Chocolate Mocha


"Awesome massage!"

"Very friendly and professional staff. The massage was awesome.. I highly recommend it."

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"Very relaxing massage, comfortable space."

Gizelle Erickson

Gizelle is a licensed, certified massage therapist and a certified Reiki practioner with 9 years experience in the spa industry. Each session with her is a journey that begins with listening to you. Her goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort and rest that touches all the senses to refresh and rejuvenate, bringing your mind, body, and soul into balance and well-being.


"Very good massage and easy to book. I will definitely go back."

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Reviews and Testimonials

"I went to Gizelle Erickson at the Bhakti Wellness Center on an Angie's List Big Deal, for a massage.  I had suffered with a very sore psoas muscle for a long time so she targeted her massage to help that muscle.  It helped quite a bit, but still needed some support so I went back to her a couple more times.  It is now almost completely healed up, but I am seeing Gizelle again next week because her massages are so great. 

Each of the massage therapists make their own appointments, so I called Gizelle and left a message.  She returned my call about a day later and left me a detailed message with about 4 possible appointment times.  I took the April 22 spot.  When I got there, I was feeling rather hesitant about having anyone work on me and was in quite a bit of pain.  She suggested that she just start the massage on my shoulders and neck and then I could decide if I felt comfortable with her massaging my sore muscle.  Well, her manner and her massage techniques made me feel completely comfortable so she did some intensive work on the psoas.  As noted, I have seen her 2 more times and will be going back next week.  The psoas muscle has continued to heal and I am now pain free.  Gizelle knows a lot about the muscles of the body and the body in general.  She obviously enjoys helping people heal and feel better.  I just feel completely wonderful after seeing her--she is very, very good at what she does!"  

~  J.H.

"Having several physical issues, Fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel in both wrists, Gizelle Erickson has been working with me for several years toward the goal of lessening my pain and helping me live a more active life.

There are not many therapists like Gizelle, who pays extra attention to my real needs.  At the beginning of each session, Gizelle always asks how I feel, finds out what areas need more time to work on and decides her approach, which will vary each time.  She adapts to my needs, and gets to root of getting my problems resolved.

Never working in a fast hurried tempo, she has a knack for finding the tension areas and the hot spots that are the source of the problem.  She seems to know how much pressure to add and when to back down, always asking me and watching me for visual signs of what works and what doesn’t.

Gizelle is a caring and sensitive person who is truly passionate about helping me feel healthier in a natural way.  I always trust Gizelle to do what she knows best and would recommend her to anyone who desires to feel physically and mentally healthier and happier."

Thanks Gizelle!

~ A.N


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What is a spa experience at Bhakti?
Your session begins with a few minutes of "getting to know you". Feel free to sip some coffee or tea while you fill out a medical history and we will chat about what your individual needs might be. If you have questions about the benefits of a certain spa treatment, I'd be glad to give you any information you may need to make this an enjoyable, beneficial pause in your life. We invite you to silence your cell phone and speak in quiet tones to further this mini-retreat.  From there you will be shown to your private room where you can settle in. You will be asked to disrobe to your comfort level, leaving access to arms, legs, and your back.  Your abdomen can be treated as well if you prefer.  All spa treatments are created out of fresh ingredients only moments before your session. This is a "dry-spa" experience, where your therapist will apply the treatment and rinse you in warm water right in the room, no need to walk down a hallway to a shower. Afterwards, you are welcome to sit in our receiving room, read, and relax before heading off back into the world. Come enjoy the Bhakti experience.


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